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Maria Jose Méndez

Wisdom Consultoría de Sustentabilidad
Founder & Researcher
Pepa Méndez, as she is familiarly known, is a professional in academic research phD in Art and Complexity Sciences of , in cultural and creative regenerative industries and in systemic innovation. She is an artist, a teacher of higher education and is also specialized in ecological ethics, environmental education, sustainability and bioeconomy. Since a year ago she is the founder of the Start Up Wisdom Sustainability Consulting, the first consultancy in the entrepreneurial ecosystem IDEAS of the UPV, it is Guide of the Discipline 7 in the Goodworking School Program: Energy Efficiency in the human beings of the companies of the Century XXI. He has participated in different training programs of Innovation for researchers for entrepreneurs of high executive level organized and taught by the most relevant Public Universities of the Spanish State: Santander (CISE) and in Barcelona (UPC-UAB-UB).